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Fluorescent lighting bulbs are gel-coated with color rather than paint so color will not chip or wear off ideal for small aquariums and reptile habitats
Designed exclusively for terrariums, the Bi-Light 2 fixtures feature two porcelain sockets specially built to withstand the intense heat emitted from high-wattage incandescent lamps.The fixtures are d...
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Zoo Med Repticare Standard Rock Heater
The Repticare Rock Heater is designed to duplicate the natural basking process of all lizards and snakes. Simply put rock heater in terrarium and plug in. Heater will take approximately two to three hours to heat up and should feel warm to the touch. Rock surface temperature will be between 90 to 110 degrees (F). Without proper heat, all cold-blooded reptiles cannot properly digest their food and stand the risk of their meal rotting in the digestive tract, resulting in possible death. The Repticare Rock Heater corrects this situation by allowing the animal to heat up its digestive tract.Features full coverage, completely encapsulated heating element. The insulated nichrome wire element runs continuously back and forth throughout the heater, creating an even heat source with no "hot spots." The element is water-resistant to prevent possible electric shock if heater gets wet.It's the only rock heater that uses a custom 100% hydrated rock material instead of cement or pumice. Hydrated rock is twice as strong and 10 times more expensive than ordinary cement or pumice (dry compression strength 10,000 psi).Ideal for all types of snakes and lizards including boas, pythons, rat snakes, king snakes, iguanas, monitors, and tegus.
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