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Start With a Great Kit and Let Your Imagination do the Rest!Mini Bow 5 Acrylic AquariumGives you a unique look into the exciting life of your pet.Lighted Aquarium TopReduces evaporation, prevent fish ...
The perfect gift idea for kids of all ages.

The Betta Sphere Color Wave Aquarium has a clear glass bowl on a funky molded base, and is just the right size for your first betta fish.
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All-Glass Mini Bow 2.5 Little Lagoon Starter Kit
It's a great place for a hobby to grow. Our Mini Bow 2.5 Little Lagoon Starter Aquarium Kit includes:2 1/2 gallon All-Glass bowfront acrylic tank.Whisper Internal Micro FilterFull lighted hood with bulb and convenient feeding door.Colorful base.0.42 oz. of Tetra Aqua Safe One-Step Formula Water Conditioner that prepares your tank for fish by neutralizing chlorine and heavy metals and removing chloramine and toxic ammonia.0.11 oz. of TetraMin Tropical Flakes.Betta divider so that you can keep two betta. The divider slides into a molded guide in the tank and is held in place by gravel and decorations. The slotted divider provides proper water circulation in both sides of the aquarium along with maximum filtration while keeping betta apart. It's great for separating species or preventing territorial aggression.The Little Lagoon makes a striking display in any room. The colorful translucent base and top add a new dimension to fish keeping, enhancing the fish and their aquatic environment. And, it's just the right size for the new hobbyist.
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