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This delightful gift set includes a Mini-Blossom hummingbird feeder, a powder-coated metal hook, hummingbird nectar and a small cleaning brush.

The mini-blossom is a blue blown-glass vessel...
The combination of thoughtful design, quality materials, and fine craftsmanship make the Droll Yankees Seed Feeders the world's best bird feeders. Metal ports and components are combined with a UV st...
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Whitehall Products Tube Bird Feeder
Our Tube Bird Feeders are a joy to look at, a breeze to use, and a surefire way to attract more birds to your backyard.Rust-proof, cast aluminum feeder dispenses a variety of seed and easily refills from the top.Features clear plexiglass tube that lets you monitor seed level at a glance and a perfect perching ledge for birds.
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