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Detailed book about the basic care of hamsters for beginners Includes information on housing breeding feeding grooming and handling hamsters Also helpful information on what to do if you pet becomes...
Not only is the guinea pig one of the most popular pocket pets, but it is also one of the most popular pets in general, and it's easy to see why. Guinea pigs are easy to take care of, especially with ...
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“Life In The Pack” Wolf Book
This 144-page, hardcover coffee table book with more than 100 spectacular photographs invites the reader into the complex world of the elusive wolf’s fascinating family life.
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Whales & Friends is one of the foremost Nature oriented catalogs (web sites). Featuring clothing, sweats shirts and Tees, prints, scultpures, jewelry all with a nature oriented theme. A perfect site to find Whales and Dolphin and sea life items, cats, dogs, birds, butterfly and horse related products. Fun and practical gifts for the young and young at heart.
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